Build Architecture Awards 2016

Best House Extension Architectural Firm - Sheffield 

house extensions sheffield

We are very pleased to announce that Brightman Architects have been announced as the 'Best House Extension Architectural Firm - Sheffield' in the Build Architecture Awards 2016.  We are very proud to win this award and it is a testament to the hard work and attention to detail applied to all our projects since the business began in 2014.

Best house extension firm sheffield

Looking to extend your home?

This guide is a helpful read and will provide inspiration, add unique character to your property and help you take into account aspects of your extension that you may not have already considered before you speak with an architect.

This article covers aspects of designing an extension which many people overlook and could be used to transform your home and the way you use it.

Sometimes reconfiguring your existing layout can be as good as, if not better than, adding a traditional extension. To maximise the potential of your home you need to also consider all aspects of alterations, extending up, down and out sideways.  The size of each space will have an impact on how you use it, opening up existing ceilings or creating vaulted ceilings with roof lights can create the feeling of much larger, lighter spaces. 

Other aspects and/or features to consider touched upon by the article are outdoor rooms, sunrooms, maximising natural light, framed views, privacy glazing, pocket doors, fireplaces, contemporary kitchens, feature staircases, building with oak, noises issues and many more...