5 Things You Need to Consider Before a Barn Conversion

One of the main obstacles with barn conversions is that they often take a lot of time and money to achieve to a high standard. Experts such as architects, builders and surveyors will be able to help you through the process of converting your barn into a comfortable and welcoming home. By taking into account these five points, your journey to your dream barn conversion will be significantly easier.


Barns often don’t have that many openings to let in natural light, which means you may have to ensure windows are incorporated into the design for your barn conversion. With high, vaulted ceilings and large open spaces, good levels of natural light are essential.

Unique floorplans

Barns come in a variety of shapes, sometimes with quite awkward spaces to use. Rather than despairing, think outside the box and adapt the space in a clever way. Mezzanine floors, for example, are a brilliant way to make use of your space. Incorporating original features and materials can really help to bring out the character in your conversion.

Use modern technology

It may have a higher upfront cost, but modern technology can save you significant amounts of money in the long run. Even if you want a very rustic and traditional looking barn conversion, making use of high spec glass and underfloor heating will not only make your life easier, but should you want to sell the property at a later date, you’ll have very desirable unique selling points.

Anti-development covenants

If you’re thinking about buying a farm building or barn from a land owner, be aware that there may be some difficult and complex stipulations that prohibit or limit change of use and development of the building. Contact a good solicitor who has experiences in spotting these terms to avoid spending money on a building you can’t change.

Land ownership

If you’re buying your barn from a landowner, it’s easy for you to assume that you’ll be able to buy more land at a later date. However, this is unlikely to be the case. Farm land and potential development sites are extremely valuable, definitely more so than anything else. If the land around your barn is potential development land, it may be an unwise location if you want to live in the middle of countryside.