7 things you need to know when planning your house extension

Your budget

Before planning anything to do with your house extension, you should consider the budget you’re willing to put towards the project. This can affect the size and details of the house extension massively, as well as the amount of time that can be put into it.

There’s no doubt that you want a quality job done, so you’re best to deal with recommended professionals – so be weary of architects or builders that are suspiciously cheap and refrain from the DIY!

If you’re unsure of how much you want to spend, call in your architect and they will be able to deliver sound advice on how much your idea would cost, or how to get an extension that fits to your budget in mind.

Once you’ve got that budget – stick to it! It’s easy to get carried away without realising, but make sure you keep an eye on it throughout the building process.

Your vision

Perhaps an obvious one, but you should have an idea of what you want to do with the extension. Is it going to be a bedroom, a living room or an office space?

All of these are entirely different concepts when it comes to building and room space. What you want to use the extension for will determine the kind of alteration to make to your home. Don’t just have an extension because you want an extension, have a plan in mind of what you’re going to transform it into!


There are a few things that you should research before planning the extension, including whether or not you need planning permission or if your property is in a conservation area.

For things like loft conversations or single storey extensions, you may not need planning permission, however it’s always best to double check. If you’re not sure how to do this, check with your local planning officer, or just your architect. Both can help find out the situation of your property and get you planning permission if required. Your architect will be sure to help you decide which option is the best for you, whatever the case.

At Brightman Architects, we offer a FREE design consultation to discuss and offer advice on your upcoming project plans.


Avoid any angry complaints or knocks on your front door by taking your neighbours into consideration before the works begin.

Making major alterations to your property may cause a lot of noise and, if not thought out properly, has the potential to damage their property. You should work out if this work will be manageable for them, and keep them fully informed about your intentions from the beginning.


The next big decision for your house extension is where to put it! Up, down or to the side? Converting your attic or cellar space can be worth considering, or if you know you are looking for a side extension specifically, work out where you’d have it. Consider its size and shape and see where it will fit best around your property.


Don’t go taking this task on yourself, unless you’re a professional builder yourself. If you want it done well, get some recommendations on a building firm to use and give them a call.

Before taking the plunge, have a look at some examples of their previous work and see if it’s what you’ve been thinking about for your house extension. If not, discuss it with them. A good, professional company should fill you with reassurance and the knowledge of your house being in safe hands with them.


As we’re sure you’re aware, house extensions don’t happen overnight, so it’s important for you to plan well in advance. Factor in things like the time of year, holidays and events that you might want to hold in your house because we’re not sure how much loud building work will help the ambience!

Once you’ve decided the best time to go ahead with the work, plan further. Create a timetable and let your builders know about it. There is the potential for any building work to over-run, particularly when it’s a big job and you want it done to the highest quality, but you don’t want to be living on a building site for months and months. Be strict and be prepared!

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